We all love acrylic coffin, but my most minor favorite thing about coffin nails is: there are too many weird design options to choose from, such as almond color nails or french tip nail design so that you are looking for it. It feels very unbearable when inspo. For example, do you become super abstract because of waves and swirls? Oh, do you prefer a more fashionable design, such as a cow print or a flame? Put it together because acrylic resin lasts for 6-8 weeks, and you will make a straightforward and challenging decision.
However, here is an idea: Before you make an appointment, browse our list of over 35 most astonishing acrylic coffin nail ideas to make your life 100 times easier. Whether you are looking for Kylie Jenner-level design or a lower-key, more subtle choice, you will find something you like in the future.

Coffin nails with Glitter design

Simple glitter is a type of nail art that is easy to do yourself and still gives you all the glitter and charm you desire. This long nail design uses 2-3 layers of platinum glitter on the transparent bottom. This kind of design and blue coffin nails together can hardly look good. It is simple, beautiful, and easy to wear. This color is also suitable for short nails!

This transparent or nude nail polish base has a shiny glitter nail polish on the top, and the gradient style extends almost to the nail base. Larger glitter and multiple layers of coating make the nail polish idea shine.

Charming nail designs 2021